Great Meadows

Photo of Great Meadows

Great Meadows are a group of rapper teams in Boston, USA, taught by Tom Kruskal, and include Beside the Point, Candyrapper, Slightly Green and Scrambled Six.

Beside the Point

Photo of Beside the Point

Beside the Point are the oldest of the three groups in terms of membership, and were founded in 2003. They acquitted themselves well at their international debut at the Sword Spectacular 2004 in Whitby, where all sensible rapper dancers acknowledged their excellent presentation style and innovative figures (the non-sensible 90% of rapper dancers were also impressed).

The team later returned to the UK with performances at DERT 2005 and 2006, and again managed to acquit themselves well, winning the prize for buzz factor at DERT 2006 in York.


Photo of Candyrapper

Founded in 2001, and in the middle age range, Candyrapper are a mixed but mainly female side from Boston. Like their colleagues in the Great Meadows Rapper Academy, they impressed all spectators at the Sword Spectacular 2004, and even managed to give Black Swan a few pointers! Their dance uniquely has elements borrowed from Appalachian clog and Quebecois step dance. The team have been many times now to the UK, with entries to DERT in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Candyrapper are due to enter this year's DERT in Newcastle.

Slightly Green

Slightly Green are the youngest of the three groups, were founded in 2003, and errr... also attended the Sword Spectacular, and errr... impressed everyone, and errr.. I can't think of anything more to add, except did I mention they also come from Boston?

Scrambled Six

Photo of Scrambled Six

The newest and youngest of the Great Meadows teams is the all-female Scrambled Six, who made their UK debut at DERT 2006 in York, and subsequently returned to DERT 2007 in Nottingham.

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