Maltby Phoenix

Photo of Maltby Phoenix

Maltby Phoenix are a young rapper team from Maltby in South Yorkshire, small town with the distinction of having a working coal mine. They were taught rapper at the comprehensive school there by Jenny Day, and successive teams have entered DERT from 2004 onwards.

At DERT 2005 in Preston, Maltby Phoenix won the Open Class and achieved the unprecedented by achieving a higher score than the winners of the Premier Class (Sallyport) and thus won the Steve Marris Memorial Trophy as overall winners of the event. This feat has not been repeated by any other team. The next year, the same team had been replaced by a younger team and entered the Premier Class of DERT 2006 in Nottingham under the name “Sandbeck Sword.” The same team entered the Premier Class again at DERT 2007 in Nottingham.

Since then the original Maltby Phoenix team have dispersed, with some going on to other rapper teams, especially Triskele and Smutt, but younger pupils at Maltby Comprehensive have taken on the mantle and the team competed at DERT 2009 in Newcastle.