Smutt Rapper

Photo of Smutt

Smutt Rapper are one of the more interesting phenomena in contemporary rapper, a young team with special interest in performing traditional rapper dances, currently Newbiggin as well as the more obscure Murton and North Walbottle dances.

According the team, it was formed “at Whitby Folk Week 2006 by a young group of rapper tarts who couldn't get enough dancing during the week. After the good fun they had at Whitby, they held an AGM and decided to keep the dream alive. It was also decided they would focus on dances from specific traditions rather than making dances up because they are not inventive enough to do so and it would also provide an outlet for the more geeky members to do some research.”

The mixed team consists mainly of young members of other rapper teams, and is something of an “occasional” team but with regular bookings.