Thrale's Rapper

Photo of Thrale's Rapper

Thrale's Rapper is a men's rapper team based in London. It was founded by Andrew Kennedy and Colin Messer in 1994, and named after the back room of the pub in which they first practiced.

The team have an evolved dance, and their signature figure has been somersaults with characters passing under the tumbling dancer; ideally this is done with props such as guitar case. More recently this has been adapted to a somersault by a dancer on a unicycle. In addition, they have learnt and perform the traditional dance from Beadnell.

The team have several Open Class victories at DERT, and their best year was last year when they were placed second in the Premier Class, as well as winning the characters prize, Tyzack Shield for best buzz factor as well as winning the Traditional Dance competition with their Beadnell dance. They apppeared in the Premier Class of DERT 2009.